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The Organization That Promotes Reading in Seattle

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The Literacy Council of Greater Seattle, Washington is a nonprofit organization serving adults in King County and parts of Northern Sampson County. We are dedicated to improving the literacy skills of adults and to helping high school dropouts earn a GED.

LCWC was founded and established and began operations in 1964 at the Square Peg Public Library where volunteers became aware of the need to provide English literacy instruction to adults. A very large number of of volunteer tutors served 19 adults the first year.

Today, the Literacy Meeting Club serves more than 1,200 adults with the assistance of 95 to 186 volunteers.

Adult illiteracy and the high school dropout rates in this country are a growing problem. But this internet is helping to spread knowledge and reading, so the future looks bright.

Washington ranks 47 out of 50 states, in terms of English literacy levels (American Department of Learning).

There are 3.8 million adults in Washington without a high school diploma (Time to LEARN).

There is a shortage of affordable community adult programs in English as a second language, basic literacy, and GED preparation that can address this important issue.

That’s where the Literacy Council of King County has stepped up to the challenge!

We are the only nonprofit in King County dedicated solely to improving adult literacy and helping high school dropouts earn a GED.

Please help us in our efforts to promote reading and writing for all people of all ages. An intelligent world is a better world.

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Great Options For Boat Tours In Seattle

Catching the ferry from Vashon Island

Boat tours can be a wonderful way to experience Seattle! If you’re interested in going on a boat tour, these are some of the many options available to you.

Duck Tours

There are plenty of ducks lurking in the waters in Seattle. You’ll be able to see the sights in Seattle and the ducks if you go on the right tour. These tours can be informative, but they are also designed to be entertaining in nature. If you do go on a tour like this, you can expect to have a great time.

There are many different duck boat tours in Seattle, which is why you’ll want to look at your options before deciding on a tour. You should read reviews and seek out tours with great hosts. On a tour like this, the hosts can make all of the different.

Sunset Tours

If you want to see Seattle at its most beautiful, you may want to get on a boat as the sun is setting. These tours are specifically designed to show you some of the most stunning views in Seattle. These tours have a lot of atmosphere and can be incredibly romantic.

If you are going to be going on a tour like this, you should be aware that you won’t be getting off of the boat until after the sun has set. This is a great way to cap off a day in Seattle before you head out to explore the city’s nightlife.

Themed Tours

Some of the most popular tours in Seattle have a theme of some sort. For example, pirate-themed tours can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Tours like this can be an excellent option if you’re looking for ways to have fun while you’re out on the water.

There are so many different types of themed tours, which means you’ll be able to specifically search for the types of tours that stand out to you. Whether you go on a treasure hunt or a ghostly tour, you’ll have a great time from start to finish.

Historical Tours

Seattle has a rich history that can be incredibly fascinating. If you’re interested in learning more about the city’s history from a knowledgeable guide, then a historical boat tour might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

When you’re on a tour like this, you’ll have the opportunity to see all of the locations you’re learning about. You’ll be able to ask your guide questions and find out everything you want to know about the city. These tours can be extremely educational, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Learning can be very exciting when you’re riding on a boat.

Relaxing Tours

If you’re looking for a way to unwind, but would also like to see more of the city, there are boat tours that are perfect for you. A lot of tours in the area are specifically designed to be relaxing.

If you go on a tour like this, you’ll be able to sit comfortably while the boat takes you across Seattle’s waters. You may be offered a drink or even some appetizers. By the time you’re ready to get off of the boat, you’ll feel completely refreshed.

Corporate Boat Tours

If you work for a company that is based in the Seattle area, and you’re looking for team-building activities that you and your employees will be able to enjoy together, you might want to take a closer look at corporate boat tours. There are companies that offer tours that are specifically designed for this purpose.

Taking your employees on a boat tour is an excellent way to show them that they are appreciated. It’s an affordable and unusual way to take your employees out and allow them to spend time together outside of a workplace setting.

Lunch And Dinner Cruises

It’s possible to go on a boat tour and enjoy a meal at the same time. There are a number of companies that offer lunch and dinner cruises in the area. Many of these tours have excellent food. If you’re looking for an unusual dining experience in Seattle, you don’t have to look any further.

Eating a meal on a boat can be exciting, and the tour can provide you with plenty of dinner entertainment. You’ll be able to enjoy some food, appreciate the beautiful views, and have a great time on the tour.

Boat Rentals

You don’t necessarily have to work with a tour guide if you want to go on a boat tour. If you know the waters well, you have the option of renting a boat and taking yourself across the waters. There are a number of affordable boat rental options.

You shouldn’t rent a boat if you’re not comfortable navigating a boat yourself. There are plenty of guides that can take you around Seattle. However, if you do feel like you’d enjoy time in a boat, you should think about renting a boat and planning out a self-guided tour.

Kayak Tours

If you’re interested in a tour that’s a little more intimate, you might want to take a kayak tour. While these boats usually only have room for two or three people, they can be a very unique way to see the city. If you think you’d appreciate a tour that’s a little less crowded, this is definitely the right option for you.

Kayak tours aren’t for everyone, but many people find them to be incredibly enjoyable. If you don’t want to get on a crowded boat, but would still appreciate a boat tour, you should look at some of your options for kayak tours in Seattle.

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FMH Seattle – World’s Best Mobile Games Avenue

FMH Seattle Mobile Games Forum is the world’s premium mobile gaming event – setting the industry benchmark for quality of speakers and attendees, quality of content and quality of business deals.

2015-2016 has seen FMH hit new heights, with over 1,500 people joining the global series and our global community growing from 25,000 to 30,000 members! We’ve met with our expert global advisory board on 3 continents, ensuring quality and validity of our conference programmes, as well as helping qualify speaker submissions.

With all attendees at FMH events around the world of at least ‘Director’ level, and over 50% of our attendees in 2015 being ‘C-level’ or ‘Founder’, we pride ourselves on collating the most senior and exclusive mobile gaming event on the planet.

FMH attracts top tier execs from major studios and global companies

From business leaders to operational and strategic managers, you all come together on the ultimate platform for deal-making, networking, fun and industry updates.

More CxOs in attendance than ever before
Boasting the most senior speaker line-up in the industry, full of trend-setters, pioneers and thought-leaders, from every walk of the ecosystem, you surely will want to be part of the action!


Inspirational industry leading speakers

FMH means exclusive invitation event with seats reserved only for Directors, VPs, SVPs and C-Suite attendees

Innovative & comprehensive conference programme, with fresh & newsworthy content

Facilitated peer-to-peer meetings with the most senior decision makers in the business
We put as much effort into how we get you to interact and meet each other on the day, as we are into the inspirational and entertaining programme of content.

FMH Seattle is a key event in the mobile apps calendar for Yahoo. We value the deep engagement with the audience, and the opportunity to focus together on the trends that are driving the app industry forward.

The only dedicated mobile games event with Investor networking!

This fast and fun format allows you to get exclusive one-to-one time with the people who are investing in and publishing mobile, technology and gaming start-ups. You must be registered to attend the conference, and additional sign up on the day is required.

Welcome FMH Seattle to the state of Washington, a thriving international hub for technology companies. I look forward to seeing the relationship and ideas you form at this conference mature into business successes, artistic advancement, and a lot of great games.

Join mobile gamings leaders and innovators for a series of closed, roundtable discussions focusing on Preparing for the 2020 studio

This intimate format is designed to facilitate high-level conversations between the industrys pioneers and uncover the insights which will drive you to future success.

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